Our Approaches
我們的作法 Our Approaches
  1. 豐盛人生講座:每週日,我們有活潑熱情的歡慶聚會,這當中有現代音樂、感人見證及激勵人心的信息分享。
  2. 生命成長團體:每週週間分佈在城市中不同的時間、不同的地點,我們有6-12人的小組聚會,讓你在輕鬆的氣氛中彼此分享、鼓勵、禱告,一同經歷神的祝福。
  3. 信仰培育課程:針對初信者我們透過培育課程與週末的營會,有系統地建造你的生命,使你更加認識上帝、生活更加充實。
  4. 栽培未來領袖:我們十分看重兒童、青少年及大學生的生命及品格教育,透過各種分齡的活動與訓練,全力栽培下一代,成為人際關係良好、具國際觀、品格成熟的未來領袖。
  5. 多元服務團隊:我們針對青年學子、單身社青、家庭、單親、企業經理人,成立多元性質的團隊,舉辦各種有關音樂、藝術、舞蹈、戲劇、英語、兩性關係、婚姻家庭、企業管理…的主題聚會與訓練,透過定期的研討與學習,幫助每個人可以全方位的被開發與發展。 

  1. Abundance Life Series: Every Sunday there are lively and passionate gatherings which include modern music, moving testimony, and inspirational message.
  2. Life Growth Fellowship: There are cell groups of 6-12 people all over the city at different times and locations during the week. This will help you share, encourage, pray and experience the blessings of God with each other in a relaxing atmosphere.
  3. Faith Cultivation Course: We will systematically edify the life of new-believers through cultivation courses and weekend camps. We aim to help you live a fulfilling and substantial spiritual life.
  4. Nurture Future Leader: We put a great emphasis on the character building of children, youths and students through activities and training for different age groups. We will give every effort to nurture our next generation, so they can become the future leaders with good interpersonal skills, vision, and maturity.
  5. Diverse Ministry Team: We focus on youths, young adults, families, single-parent families, and entrepreneurs and we establish diverse ministry teams. We hold many kinds of gatherings and trainings with topics related to music, art, dancing, English, relationship, marriage, family, corporate management… We will help everyone to explore and develop themselves in all areas of life.

更新日期: 2012年09月24日